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An Easy Winner with Long Term Payoffs

Are you a pastor? You might be in the 51% (Barna) that’s seriously thinking about leaving the ministry and taking on a new career path! (More on that next week!)

We know firsthand the challenges that come with being in full-time ministry, and we know how important it is to find time for rest and revitalization. So we want to remind you…. Two of our folks in the PLI family, the Martins and the Biblers know how taxing leading in ministry can be and have graciously offered their lodgings for a season of retreat or vacation, a gift to you!


If you’re leading in a congregation, you know there’s very little that’s going both easily and positively these days! Let me give you an easy winner that will have long term PAYOFFS…no matter your congregation or context!

You’ll want to watch the short testimony video below, but first let me tell you why this is an EASY WINNER!

You have folks in your congregation (and you might be one, too):

  • They know the world is a dark place and needs the “light” of the Gospel.
  • They know/have a sense that God wants them to do “something.”
  • But… they lack confidence.
  • But… they don’t know how.
  • So … they don’t do anything.
  • Except… to have a sense that God wants them to do “something” while they do “nothing.”
  • And no matter how much you tell them they “should”—even motivated with the Gospel of Jesus—they only take random, oftentimes disappointing, stabs at bringing “light” in the dark place.
  • Because… no one has invested in them to develop confidence and competence— complete with tools, resources, accountability and encouragement!
  • And, it doesn’t need to be that way!

So, now is a good time to watch the video!

From my seat, I get to watch the folks that have been pouring into Multipli’s Genesis Leader and PLI’s 1,000 Young Leaders.

They represent much of the above! And here’s what happens: 

They enter into the 9-month, fully online training of Genesis Leader OR the 10-month, fully online 1,000 Young Leaders…

  • They engage in inspired learning with a weekly teaching they can capture any time of the week.
  • They mark out a weekly day and time on their calendar for a huddle with 5 or 7 other missional pioneers and a trained coach that brings accelerated learning in community with accountability and encouragement.
  • They venture into a weekly “put what you’re learning into practice” in small incremental ways that builds confidence and resilience.

And, you see, here’s the payoff!

There’s a breakthrough! A big breakthrough! 

You don’t have to convince everyone in your church that… 

  • The world has changed and doing what we’ve always done isn’t going to work next year. 
  • God is quite capable in empowering His Mission in everyday rhythms of life.
  • That the Church biblically and historically and (currently!) globally has experienced rapid growth and impact through grassroots movements enabled by confident and competent baptized people of God.

Take a look at the picture here! These are some of the piloting “pioneers” of the very first Genesis Leader!

  • They’re fearless impact makers!
  • They have a vision of how God wants to use them that propels them.
  • They are doctors, retired folks, musicians, physical therapists—you name it—but they’ve built a mission rhythm that’s fun, rewarding and faith enriching.

(Last time I heard, 8 or 10 people had come to faith through these people. One was baptized. Several hundred are in these folks’ relational spheres to bring Gospel light into dark places!)

So… you know who your people are!

How about taking some action? (Who am I to tell you to take action, right?)

  1. Forward this email to 10 or 20 folks that have “the sense” that they should do something!
  2. Be bold. Tell them to watch the video! Ask them if they can see themselves in Kami’s story.
  3. Tell them to request more information for Genesis Leader OR 1,000 Young Leaders for those in their 20’s and 30’s. 
  4. And then—since you’re being bold anyway—tell them to enroll in Genesis Leader or 1,000 Young Leaders.

And, by the way… before you finish your giving in 2021, please include a gift to accelerate the movement of the Gospel through PLI.

Next week we’ll say some words about the 51% of mainline pastors that are seriously considering leaving the ministry. (Barna October 2021)

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