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A Joyful Announcement

It is my absolute joy to announce that my Executive Co-Leader Gail Ficken will lead Multipli on a full-time basis! This new role begins March 31.

I am excited because I’ve watched Gail establish and grow this new ministry that is singularly focused on discipling and training the people of God for the mission of God. I’ve watched her and her team…

  • build a highly engaging and impactful, 9-month, fully online training model that is absolutely transforming the lives of God’s people.
  • deliver hope and early wins for congregations that know what used to work doesn’t missionally engage their worlds anymore, even though they want it to work and grieve that it doesn’t work.
  • begin to collaborate with churches that are willing to be pioneers and encourage congregations around them.
  • …all while architecting two more advanced levels of training of the people of God for the mission of God that supports networks of communities and a digital platform that will accelerate it all.

And…it’s my absolute hesitancy(!) to make this announcement, too!

Since its earliest days, PLI has been about training pastors and spouses together to be healthier, better leaders focused on the mission of God.

All across the United States, across Europe, Asia, Africa, etc., pastors and spouses are honored as leaders! Together. Each uniquely gifted by God for the unique leadership roles that they are called to play. No cookie cutters. No one size fits all. Leaders uniquely gifted to lead in unique contexts…sometimes with overwhelmingly difficult obstacles before them.

To be honest, it was slow and difficult for me to learn how to lead well with Gail. I had too many years where “Sunday was coming.” Deadlines were short. Just one guy in the pulpit. Not giving much thought to how to build teams of leaders, or systems of training or pipelines of gifted leaders. 

Gail, on the other hand, after years of accomplished leadership in leading our congregation’s adult ministries and in coaching so many leaders, intuitively knew:

  • How to build for a larger future.
  • How to mentor and disciple people not just to be used today but better tomorrow.
  • How in the most difficult of days to trust even more deeply in the protection and provision of God.

Thus, it’s my hesitancy to bless my gifted wife and partner to move full time to build out PLI’s companion Multipli to disciple and deliver exactly what every pastor and congregation needs as an asset. I’m going to miss leading with her, and I’ll miss the gifts and skills she has brought to PLI!

I’d like to invite you over the coming three weeks:

  • To mark this milestone of Gail’s full time move to Multipli effective March 31, 2023.
  • To listen a bit more closely to the strategic impact that Multipli might have on your own life or ministry as PLI’s companion ministry.
  • To join in sharing your own story or blessing of/to Gail using the video portal below.
  • To join in making a tribute gift that both gives thanks for her accomplished leadership at PLI the last 9 years and blesses the development and growth of Multipli.

Please share a video message that either tells how Gail has impacted you, and/or a blessing to Gail as she moves to Multipli. You can upload those here: (Please try to keep it under 30 seconds, if possible.)

3 Responses

  1. Louise Weber says:

    Terrific news! Blessings to ALL!

  2. Praise the Lord! Sounds like God is doing what God does and Multipli is multiplying. We will miss her influence and presence on PLI but she is in her sweet spot. Keep walking in the spirit and doing the good God has prepared and leads you in.

  3. Patra Mueller says:

    This is exciting news! Jock, thank you for your beautifully written announcement honoring your partner in ministry and life! Both of you are treasured gifts to God’s Kingdom.

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