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A Creative Way to Screen Candidates for Your Next Pastor

This week I’d like you to lean back and just smile with me! Okay?

The Senior Leader learning community met in Tampa a few weeks ago. The entire immersion centered around building high performing leadership teams…paid workers or volunteer, called or lay people.

Exceptional content! All around interviewing, onboarding, calling, performance reviews, healthy team cultures, etc. Virtually everything I could have benefited from—and mistakes I could have avoided—in my 25 years of leading a large, complex congregation!

A couple of thoughts:

  1. There’s an incredible shortage of pastors and other gifted personnel that can bring the right gifts and character and commitment to pastoral (and other congregational) positions. (PLI receives requests for PLI alumni from presidents and congregations almost every week.)
  2. To date, we (all of us) have yet to imagine a solution large enough to match the size of the “shortage” problem in front of us.
  3. More and more parents are discouraging their gifted kids from entering church work professions. Maybe due to toxic church cultures, compensation, hostile cultural environments?

Rev. Ron Burcham did an amazing job of taking complex topics and rolling out simple, understandable, step-by-thoughtful-step processes to take on multiple topics. Needless to say, the cohort was buzzing with questions, painful experiences, and insights of their own.

So, take a look at this video. I should offer some type of disclaimer that if you’re not properly trained, don’t try this at home without appropriate supervision!

If you’re a Senior Pastor of a congregation or the Senior Leader of a nonprofit/ministry or if you’d like to develop those types of skills, contact Raechel for more information on our next Senior Leader Immersion.

I knew you’d enjoy the video! Right?

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