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A Christmas Miracle in Indonesia that You Probably Didn’t Hear About and 3 Simple but Profound Actions

Gail and I would like to wish you a very blessed Christmas and to express our thanks for your partnership in the Gospel.  We thought you might be encouraged by this report.

You may remember the deadly tsunami that struck Indonesia the day after Christmas in 2004.

You heard that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people were killed along the coastal regions of the country.

You probably didn’t hear that shortly before the tsunami, the majority Muslim population had driven the Christians from their coastal homes into the mountains so they couldn’t celebrate Christmas in their homes. They actually chased them from the deadly path of the tsunami that would strike.

PLI is training a wonderful group of gifted, dedicated pastors and spouses in Indonesia to become better leaders in their congregations to live out the Mission of God. Scott and Lori Rische, our international directors and the PLI team shared the following from one of the Indonesian pastors.

You probably didn’t hear that when the Christians returned to their devastated villages along the coast and its deadly ravages, they took three simple but profound actions:

  • They demonstrated mercy to their Muslim antagonists who’d driven them away.
  • They served them in their grief and loss.
  • They shared the Good News that brings great joy: Jesus, the Savior.

You certainly didn’t hear that as a result many Muslims became Christians and were baptized. Because the baptized people of God lived out the Mission of God and shared the Good News that brings great joy.

Its similar to the early church during the plagues. While many ran from the cities and abandoned their sick family members trying to escape the plagues, many Christians ran toward the cities to demonstrate mercy. To serve. And to Share Jesus.

….and the Church grew rapidly! Miraculously!

You may want to share this with a friend this Christmas!

It’s our prayer that God will bless you with great joy as we celebrate the birth of Jesus to a Virgin Mother Mary!

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