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7 Pandemic Essentials and 8 Ways to Stabilize Congregational Giving

Again, thanks for leading. For praying, communicating, guiding, listening, remembering the mission.

Allow me six leader guesses…

  1. You’re starting to realize COVID-19 and “shelter in place” isn’t going away quickly and could be around for months or years.
  2. You have some regrets about pre COVID-19 decisions you made…or didn’t make…as a leader or as a church.
  3. When “we all get back to church” and life is normal…it won’t be normal. There will be a “new normal.”
  4. You’ve surprised yourselves that you and your congregation have weathered so much rapid-fire innovation in a matter of days. (Congratulations!)
  5. It’s beginning to occur to you that after Easter you will need to be asking some different questions and learning some new skills. But, you just can’t go there yet.
  6. Your church is already feeling the financial pressure. Take a look at 8 Ways to Stabilize Your Congregational Giving.

Some of our leaders in Eurasia are restricted to their homes. Latvia now has extended pandemic restrictions through the end of June. It’s very difficult here.

Rev. Artis Eglitis, PLI Regional Director

Here are 7 Pandemic Essentials

COVID-19 is creating opportunities to demonstrate compassion in word and action. Schools are closed. We are beginning 30 days of prayer and fasting. And we are praying for our brothers and sisters in the US.  

Rev Zerihun Gebre, Mekane Yesus Education and Theology Division Head 

So, let’s clarify!

  1. Who’s the “COVID-19” team you’re sharing the load with? (Start planning for this to persist for a while.)
  2. It’s only been three weeks! Simply celebrate one thing that you’ve been doing well. (Don’t be so hard on yourself.)
  3. Todd offers some incredible counsel for sustaining donors that’s applicable to your congregational setting… large or small. Pick one … let your team help… and adapt it to your congregation.

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