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4 Things Great Leaders Never Do

Good congregational leadership is imperative!     

Good congregational leadership can be developed!

Here are 4 things good church leaders never do!

  1. Good Leaders never blame circumstances or other people for their congregational challenges. It is what it is. They pray. They trust. They roll up their sleeves. They go about the task of taking action. 
  2. Good Leaders never talk about the congregation changing without embodying the change themselves. Good leaders lead themselves first in addressing necessary, relevant changes in their own lives.    
  3. Good Leaders never squander relationship with the people they lead. Good leaders invest in them. They understand them as the down payment on future vibrancy and innovation.
  4. Good Leaders never pretend to know what to do when they don’t. They never short circuit the uncomfortable, hard work of discovery and learning. Good leaders invite other leaders or the entire congregation into the world of creative discovery.   

Why don’t you put these NEVERS before your team or your board at your next meeting? Ask them…

What else do good leaders never do?
Which “never” of the four do you do best?
Which “never” needs a leadership reset for you?
Who is a leader that models all four “nevers” well?
Can you identify a biblical example of each “never”?

There’s another matter I want to share with you today, as well. Stewardship…Giving…Fund Raising…the churches that are navigating through the rough waters of adaptive challenge are also figuring out sustainable funding models. Here’s one I want you to look at.
Jock Ficken
Rev. Dr. Jock Ficken

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