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4 Simple and Important Steps in Leading Your Leaders During COVID-19

Let’s be brief this week…

Here are 4 Simple and Important Steps in Leading Your Leaders

  1. Celebrate What You’ve Accomplished in the Last Two Months! You’re doing things today that you didn’t know how to spell let alone do two months ago. Make a list. Celebrate. Smile and tell each other you never would have imagined you had the capacity to do a short time ago. And… you’re doing better than you thought you could do.
  2. Grieve What’s not the Same. What’s been lost. My guess is there’s a clarifying of what’s been really important in your church. You’re getting a better idea of “This We Must Preserve” and it’s a shorter list than it was two months ago. 
  3. Invite your leaders and each join The Great Opportunity webinar series that starts today at 3 PM CDT. (You can still start next week and get the recording if you miss today.) It will pour some fuel into you and your leaders as you live out the mission of God in your neighborhoods. 
  4. Share this with your leadership team. Put one of them in charge of leading the celebrating and grieving. Ask them to be creative!

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