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3 Ways to Speak Life in Times of Crisis

We at PLI are grieved by the tragedies in Texas, Florida and the wildfires in the Northwest. To the many in the PLI family that were affected, you are in our prayers.  For those of you who are mobilizing to help, thank you.

When we encounter someone in crisis it can be hard to know what to say or do. Like us, you may be wondering, “What’s the best way to help?”

Together with Diane Bahn, Leadership Essentials leader, coach and resident in a Harvey affected area, we’ve compiled a few reminders as we enter into people’s brokenness in a time of crisis.  

Take Time to Listen

Listen to people’s stories and ask questions. Often we are so eager to jump in and do something that we forget that the most helpful thing may be to listen. Being a listening ear helps people process and reflect on the tragic events. Also, listening can lead to sharing words of hope and encouragement. When people are hurting they may be open to hearing about Jesus like never before.


Offer to pray.  Out loud.  Right then. This is a scary thing. Especially if we do not know how it will be received. If the time to pray with them does not present itself then tell them you’ll be praying for them. Then actually do it. It’s easy to say I’m praying for you but often hard to remember to do it.  

Be Specific

Do a bit of homework, find out what people in this type of crisis really need. Offer two or three things that you are willing to do. Keep it simple and direct.  When we offer to help in ANY way, it may be overwhelming to the person in crisis and a burden to think of something for you to do.  

Whether you are helping in one of the affected areas listed above or engaging with people in crisis elsewhere, thank you. May you be blessed and courageous as you reach into the pockets and places around you with the love and hope of Jesus.  

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