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3 Good Reasons Biblical Giving Should NOT be Taught in your Church

The Reasons

  1. We just finished last month or last Spring.
  2. “Everyone in our church is already giving as much as they can.” (Uh-huh.)
  3. What’s going on in your church isn’t that important and doesn’t deserve funding.

Churches with vibrant futures leveraging wider influence are figuring out how to:

  1. Share a compelling vision of what God can do/is doing.
  2. Teach biblical giving and ask people to reset/refresh their financial commitments regularly and consistently. Here are some tips.
  3. Systematically (don’t just dabble!) help people understand how to include the congregation and other ministries in their wills and estate plans while remembering their family, etc. Teri can give you information on a “systematic” Gift Planning Initiative.

Gail and I determined very early together that we would give 10% of our gross income as a starting point each year for our giving. Before we could afford it. We can’t afford not to do it now.

Here are three collateral benefits we’ve experienced!

At the core, for us, it’s a response. Jesus redeemed us not with silver and gold but with His holy, precious blood and His innocent suffering and death. It’s part of our grateful response to a missionary God who sent His Son.

More than Gail, I’m always drawn to trust myself, my paycheck, my ability to work, etc., even with their decided limitations. Giving reminds me that I trust in a heavenly Father who gives daily bread and promises to provide.

We experience joy in giving to a vision bigger than ourselves that lives into the Mission of God.

What God would like to do through the ministry of your congregation is too important not to challenge the people of God to dedicate their best gifts in support of it! I see God ready to “do more than we can ask or imagine”…yes, even in your congregation, and/or to speak life into its dry bones.

So, here are three actions. Pick one IF the three reasons don’t work for you.

  1. Pass this blog along to the whole church… print it… email it… whatever. Attach a note: Here’s why our ministry is too important not to ask the best of us. Tell them to pray. We’ll gather commitments in two weeks.
  2. Contact a neighboring church a few steps ahead of you OR the wonderful people at the LCEF or CEF if you’re in the LCMS. They’ll be happy to help.
  3. Take an honest look at your own giving and do your own reset for the next 12 months. Share your testimony.

When leaders stop growing, organizations start dying! This could be one of the “start growing” domains for you. Don’t get particularly excited when someone doesn’t want to be challenged in their giving. It’s a consequence of our “discipleship optional” culture. The disciples weren’t always that keen on being challenged by Jesus! (Luke 8:22-25). He challenged anyway. They launched a movement of unbelievable proportion.

Dr. Jock Ficken

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