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You Could Do This…3 Simple Steps

You could do this!

I’m sure little Nathan’s parents gave him a “you could do this” for his entreprenurial adventure.

You Could Do This

Nathan wanted to earn some money in the neighborhood. His budding career started well, meeting a neighborhood need, but it came to a quick conclusion when he discovered he really didn’t like walking dogs.

More and more ministry leaders will need to practice the fine art of doing well some of what they’ve always done (and probably less) while cultivating a “never did that before” entrepreneurial edge in our rapidly changing world.

We need adapters, not necessarily full blown innovators, matching three things… 3 simple steps…

  • who I am/who we are…a passion with,
  • my strengths/our strengths…”we’re good at this,” and
  • a need/a hurt/a brokenness…in the “neighborhood.”

…and not simply borrowing a program that worked well wherever.

That’s the hard work, isn’t it? It’s not simply borrowing another program, but allowing God to craft the unique “you could do this.”

I had breakfast with a guy like this.

He was unassuming, confidently unassuming, as he simply explained:

I was returning home from a mission trip. I saw the need. I saw the potential impact. It was like God planted in my heart:

You could do this! You could do this!

So, when I returned home, I did it!

He was unassuming…confidently unassuming. “So, I did it.”

Maybe you have been pushing back a “You Could Do This” that God is planting in your heart.

PLI trains and invests in leaders for a changing world!

Unassuming… confidently unassuming…and doing it.

So leaders can do best some of what’s always been important to do while cultivating the edge of what’s being left undone so:

  • churches can be vibrant,
  • hurting people can find healing,
  • the Gospel that brings life and hope can be received.

Your generous gift today provides practical “you can do this” in the lives of gifted leaders.

PLI provides specialized “you can do this” training.

Senior Leader offers advanced leadership training for larger ministries and organizations focusing on results, effective planning, maximizing energy and attention and leading staff.

Leadership Essentials offers training for young leaders around the Mission of God to effectively match their passion and strengths in leading and organizing their congregation for greater mission and ministry effectiveness.

Missional Leader cracks the code to joyfully and effectively engage the mission field that most leaders and churches find themselves incapable of doing.

Discipleship to Missional Community creates a reproducible process of multiplying leaders that can follow God to the people He’s already stirring.

Jock Ficken
Rev. Dr. Jock Ficken

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