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2 Questions Forward-Looking Leaders Ask

Here are the two big questions being asked by church leaders who are looking forward!

  • How do I or we (as a church) disciple people? What does that actually look like? It’s more than a class, more than transferring information.
  • How do we create a culture of discipleship in our congregation?

A few admit to themselves, and maybe to the rest of their leadership group, that I/we should have been asking those two questions—and taking action—before March 2020!

For 25 years in the congregation I led, I never asked those questions. Never knew any different. Most of us, most churches, have settled for a simple equation:

10% (probably 5%) of the members SERVE


95% (maybe 90%) are served!

95% ride along! 5% do the work of pulling the cart!

Thus, most of us in the 5% or 10% group are stressed, distressed, anxious, fatigued, etc.

While the 95/90% decide whether it’s convenient to come back to church, engage, be served or simply absent themselves or move on to another church!

Here’s what most pastors are thinking today:

I can’t win!

I could lose!

I can’t quit!

(From Todd Wilson)

A couple of thoughts:

I can’t win!

If you stick with the 5% and 95% program model, this is a can’t win!

I could lose!

I’m seeing leaders and churches starting to redefine “what counts.” Call it a scorecard if you wish. But it looks different right? And what are we doing NOW to reset the 5% and 95% and begin investing in discipling people and creating a culture that sends people out?

I can’t quit!

There’s a good chance you joined the crowd that listened to the “Why We Almost Quit the Ministry and How We Kept Going” webinar with Paul and Beth Schult a few weeks ago. Financial downturns, staff disappointments, not equipped for leading in the place I find myself, isolation, self doubt. Stuck! And if you’re like Paul and Beth, the answer is not “Let me go to another church!”

The answer is a counselor, trusted friend, mentor, retreat into prayer and the Word. It will help you better understand reality.

So, here are 2 thoughts and a testimony!

“PLI’s D2MC has lit a fire here at Mt. Calvary. Prior to PLI, ministry was about carrying out heavy programs by a few. Now our ministry is focused on raising people up to live as disciples who have been trained to disciple others. 

“I see the fruits of D2MC all over the place. I see people stepping out of their comfort zones hosting block parties to get to know their neighbors. I see families hosting VBS in their own front yards and their children going door to door inviting their neighbors. I see huddles going on prayer walks asking God to open doors for the Gospel. I see people being brought to faith. I see lives being changed. I see God at work.”

From Kenton Birtell of Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Holdrege, NE
Leaders at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Holdrege, NE

Here’s the easiest… 

Click over to Genesis Leader or 1,000 Young Leaders and enroll a few folks to pioneer a new pathway. Simple. Easy. Change the trajectory of the “can’t win” setting.

Discipleship to Missional Community, the hybrid offering (both online and in person) launches next week in Williamsburg, VA, and in a few months in Fort Worth, TX. Let Sarah fill you in and start to change the ratio at your church.

2 big questions:

  1. How do I or we (as a church) disciple people? What does that actually look like?
  2. How do we create a culture of discipleship in our congregation?

So, would you do me a favor? Would you forward this to your best “5% type leaders” with a note from you that there could be a better way?

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