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2 Prayers for the Mission Field

  1. Read the prayer.
  2. Take the quiz.
  3. Distribute to a group of your friends.
  4. Compare your answers

The Prayer

Dr. Robert Newton, former missionary to the Philippines, former district president and PLI Board member, explained that when they were missionaries in the Philippines they would kneel down, hold hands and pray the essence of these two prayers as they prepared to enter a village.    

We have now come with the One you know as Lord. You, evil spirits! You must leave. And…

Lord, if you would, identify for us those that could become spiritual leaders in this place.

The Quiz

1 – Would you pray a similar prayer with your group?


2A – If you answered “No,” which answer(s) best reflect your reason?

____  I don’t see the people around our church as a mission field.
____  I/we don’t have any plans to engage our mission field.
____  The evil spirits are overseas. No evil spirits here.
____  Never thought God might raise up new leaders to energize our mission field.
____  Honestly, it’s outside my comfort zone.
____ Other: ____________________

2B – If you answered “Yes,” which of the following best reflects your reason?

____  It’s a mission field around our church and I/we feel called to reach it.
____  Spiritual strongholds overseas. Spiritual strongholds here. I get that.
____ Mission field overseas. Mission field here. Same thing.
____ We need the Spirit of God to breakthrough and accomplish more than we can imagine.
____ It might feel weird at first but I/we can get over it.

So, a couple of things…

  1. Thanks for being in the PLI family. Gail and I are blessed to be partners with you!
  2. Don’t think right or wrong answers. Just honest answers.
  3. Forward this to the members of your group/board/study/congregation. Seriously! Just do it.
  4. If you’re not already taking some type of action, what action could you agree to take?

It’s possible that we’re so focused on our congregations and what is or is not happening that we’re failing to see a U.S. mission field exploding before our eyes. And, because we’re looking through the wrong lens, we’re seeing the wrong things.

We just heard last week about a lay leader in Iowa who started looking through a different lens in his neighborhood.  Two men came to faith and were baptized! Mission field lens adjustment. That’s the Spirit working through the Word!

PLI’s 1,000 Young Leaders will recruit, train and release “indigenous missionaries“  to their own generation that’s gone from the church. They all have names! Some are our own sons, daughters, siblings, grandchildren. A new cohort starts next spring.

Contact Raechel for more information.

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