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11 Things Church Leaders are Getting Right in COVID-19

COVID-19 is no longer an interruption. It’s a disruption of everything. Church. Education. Economy. Government.

Disruption. No bump in the road. 

Church experts are gone. Those that claim to be are mere pretenders. Crises eliminate experts. 

church leaders

Here are 11 things church leaders like you are doing and getting right. They:

  1. Make decisions for today…not forever.
  2. Explain the “why” behind decisions and actions…not just “what” or “how.” (People follow vision.)
  3. Choose transparency. “Here’s how we’re doing. Here’s what’s going on.”
  4. Make decisions with the Core (board or staff) but inform the Committed (“I just wanted you to know”) before sharing with the Crowd. (The Committed—oftentimes not in formal leadership—offer counsel or become champions if you let them.) 
  5. Navigate the new worship dilema. One church’s worship schedule looks like this:
    1. 8:00 Worship with Masks
    2. 9:30 Worship designed for online
    3. 11:00 Worship without Masks
  6. Invest frequently in member touches and care…for today’s church.
  7. Invest in discipling leaders…for tomorrow’s church.
  8. Interpret that as painful as everything is right now, God is doing something miraculous through COVID-19.
  9. Care for themselves. Their spouse. Their family.
  10. Navigate in a non anxious way through the opposites of apathy and anger.
  11. Remember that crisis accelerates everything.

Thanks for standing tall. Thanks for leading with resilience and courage. 

  • Highlight 2 or 3 of the above where you and your team are doing well!
  • Pick 1 that needs some fresh attention.
  • Share this with the rest of your leaders. Use it as a checklist.

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    I will be Sharing this with my friends and congregation Thanks so much

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