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The 10 Imperceptible Leader Drifts

No leader, woman or man, drifts toward a preferred destination!

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Congregations today desperately need leaders who can point them enthusiastically toward a future vision that embodies the Mission of God while also taking on the challenge of leading themselves well.

Here are 10 leader drifts:

  • Retreating to small, safe vision when big visions and bold dreams are required.
  • Neglecting the inner life of spiritual health and emotional well-being.
  • Craving ministry achievement and people’s praise while starving the most important relationships with spouse and family.
  • Busying oneself each day with nothing of significant importance.
  • Eating poorly, drinking excessively, or exercising insufficiently.
  • Compromising to the lowest denominator of least congregational resistance.
  • Ignoring one’s uniqueness while letting others mold you into their image for you.
  • Spending slightly more than income month by month.
  • Isolating oneself and squeezing away clarity and courage.
  • Depending upon oneself to do what only God can do.

Most of us are acquainted with all or most of the leader drifts above. They rob us of health. They steal away effectiveness. And they also hold hostage the best of relationships and deepest of callings.

It’s the imperceptible drift!


  1. Which “drift” has your name behind it or which one should you add?
  2. If God wanted to say something to you today, what might He want to say to you?
  3. What course correction could you make today?

I’m mindful that drifting or not, we are blessed with a Father who loves us, watched His Son ride into Jerusalem and a few days later shoulder a cross to a hill called Golgotha. So that grace and mercy might flow—not drift—toward us!

Jock Ficken
Rev. Dr. Jock Ficken

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